Buying Back Your Time

In this episode, we provide updates on our respective businesses and discuss the hiring framework to help business owners who are in the process of onboarding new talents. Came up with a few sharing of book lessons, experiences in our own hiring process to keep you guys informed on the things needed to focus upon delegating roles to save you some time, effort and money.

As always, we also provide updates on Castaway and EditorNinja, which include...
  • Hiring and testing out VAs for EditorNinja
  • Announcement of EdNinja's launch of editing for ai created content service
  • Castaway Updates 
  • Moving Productize and Scale website from WordPress Power to Ghost
  • James planning to launch more courses
Sound interesting? You should give it a listen. We think you'll really enjoy it.

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(00:03:03) Hiring
EditorNinja talk's about Dan's book where it was emphasized that upon hiring, one must think at what they are good at, and do the process in terms of an energy and money kind of access. To make it short, hiring is somewhat similar to buying back your time and putting it in other stuffs which are actually of significance in the business.

(00:06:14) Hiring is a bet on oneself
Hiring is actually asking yourself if you can afford to hire somebody, or if you are in a position to actually bring somebody in. It's a process that needs to be delegated and outsourced carefully, looking for what's actually gonna move the needle. It was also tackled that oftentimes people make mistakes in hiring as they always focus on immediately hiring VA's or EA's without actually weighing in and asking themselves what roles am I delegating and I'm left to take on.

(00:08:46) Don't just delegate the task, delegate the role
It is good to get people to keep an eye on a task which is discussed by Dan highlighting how you don't just delegate task, you delegate the role and then they become responsible and accountable for that particular area. Delegating the role rather than the task will buy your time back, because it is as if you are replacing yourself by turning over that particular role to them and you just kind of move on to another role saving you 15-20% of your time which can be invested on other important matters.

(00:10;56) Focus on something you are good at
James talks about the idea of the accountability chart which kind of starts with picturing out what seats are needed to fill the in for the particular roles. Making a plan is essential and following a stairstep approach of hiring people to fill in those empty roles, as to only be left with ideally what business owners are good at. Basically focusing on what gives the highest value in the business and pouring attention into it.

(00:17:29) Updates on EditorNinja
EditorNinja is currently hiring and testing out VAs from different countries, basically observing the process for a month or so to see which one will do better. Announced the launch of editing for ai created content service, which has blown up pumping a higher demand for the service. In addition, the base price for copy editing and proofreading has been raised a bit - more or less 15-20% - but also considering on stepping up to a higher level, like adding AI content updating, developmental editing, and a full high touch level where customers give out content and EditorNinja will do everything for them.

(00:24:09) Updates from James
Sharing about how James is hiring three different roles which include writers, audio, and video editors then finding it quite challenging especially with the audio editor, since most entries sound almost the same with every applicant. In addition to hiring new talents, castaway is getting more opportunities from affiliate and referral relationships that can earn through promoting products/services. Another highlight is that James is trying to find a competitive edge or point of differenciation for castaway. As we encounter more of a commoditized product and services in the market, it is best to find a competitive edge over everyone else and make use of what makes a business unique and different from those catering the same service.

(00:34:29) Productize and Scale Updates
James discussed how he plans on moving Productize and Scale website from WordPress Power to Ghost because there is a theme with a more suitable directory. Also talked about planning to continue offering courses and launch sales fundamentals for founders which will be tackling more on sales. 

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Buying Back Your Time
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