Catching up and Finding a Competitive Edge

In this episode, we provide updates on our respective businesses, helpful lessons and scenarios to aid entrepreneurs in moving forward while standing strong amidst commoditized services. This highlights discussions of lessons about becoming competitively different which would prove useful to business that offers the same service and finding a competitive edge.

As always, we also provide updates on Castaway and EditorNinja, which include...
  • Overcoming slow pipeline and churn rates
  • Castaway recovery
  • Consider offering video editing with Castaway
  • Productize updates
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Time Stamps and Key Ideas

00:04:59 Do what kind of works for you.
Highlights individual pursuits where focus is on things that works for oneself like how to do things at your own pace.  

00:09:34 Updates on EditorNinja
Pipeline kind of slowed down and they had a little bit of churn however, EditorNinja is still slowly getting into it, constantly, steadily and healthily growing. Things came slower as they doubled prices around January or February, although sales process are tightened up, people are still closing deals. Services are priced competitively, providing quality services relieving people from the burden of doing things their own or hiring a full-time editor themselves.

00:13:50 Just Be Hard to Kill
Contains a talk highlighting what Sam Altman said about a superpower of startups which is "just be hard to kill". Meaning, whatever the changing market throws unto you, one must be ready to change and look for opportunities to strive amidst the
unforgiving sea of challenges and try to rides its waves. If one can, try to outlast everybody else until you're the only one standing by then getting hundred percent of the market's attention.

00:14:45 Catching Up
Discusses a lesson that one should be greedy while others are scared and be scared when others are greedy. This tackles being competitive while also analyzing how to ride the market trends, not only just going to where everyone else is going but also striving to stand out instead of being drawn towards commoditization.

00:25:56 Updates on Castaway and Productize
Still at a mild-mannered situation as James is still exploring on his preferred tool set, still recovering slowly and getting some clients back. Mainly focusing on produtize at this moment, updating the course and exploring community angle, slowly building a business ecosystem. James is thinking of acquiring a small business and layering it into Castaway like an editing so it could handle a full spectrum of podcast production and promotion. 

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Catching up and Finding a Competitive Edge
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