Competitors: Good, Bad, or Indifferent?

In this episode, we provide updates on our respective businesses and talk about how business owners should handle competitors and copycats.
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In this episode, we start by talking about how much time, attention, and energy you should give to competitors and copycats. (Spoiler alert: Not much!) Then, we get into our respective business updates, which include process efficiencies and hiring challenges.

If you're interested in learning about...
  • How to handle competitors and copycat services
  • How to figure out which pricing model is best (Ex: retainer vs. usage vs. a la carte)
  • When and how to test new service ideas
  • Whether you should scale up your team or scale up your revenue first
...then you should give it a listen. We think you'll really enjoy it.

Resources we covered in this episode:
  • KinstaJohn's preferred WordPress hosting service
  • BenchJohn's favorite bookkeeping service
  • AsanaJames' preferred project management tool
  • TrelloJohn's preferred project management ool
  • Alex HormoziA must-follow business builder and growth advisor
  • Chris LemaAnother must-follow business coach and mentor

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Competitors: Good, Bad, or Indifferent?
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