Handling the "In-house" Objection

In this episode, we provide updates on our respective businesses and share couple insights to help business owners who are considering doing in-house business or hiring freelancers or an agency. This includes discussion about handling the "In-house" objection being stuck in the dilemma of doing things in-house or outsourcing talents, and tackling helpful instances which are important in weighing in its benefits and drawbacks while maximizing ROI at the same time. 

As always, we also provide updates on Castaway and EditorNinja, which include...
  • Hiring and closing bigger deals with Editor Ninja
  • Content optimization
  • Scoping out outbound campaign for Castaways
  • Announcing the comeback of productize Podcast

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Time Stamps and Key Ideas
(00:04:50) In house Objection
This conversation focuses on the discussion of doing things in-house vs. hiring a freelancer or an agency to do the job. Debates about the pros and cons and instances where hiring someone to get the work done be sometimes are considered an expense or an investment for the business.

(00:07:03) The benefits and drawbacks
Discussed more on the benefits and drawbacks in possibly hiring people like a generalist or a specialist to get things done. Going over how to approach the idea of onboarding someone to do the work for you and how to make sure who you're hiring is capable of doing the job done, is it worth the cost, or will it save and buy your time back.

(00:19:01) Negotiating agreement
This part also includes ideas that it are important to consider like the best alternative to negotiate agreement which is not having to land a deal to sustain the business by defaulting to discounts. Highlights the idea to not easily slash prices in order to close a deal that could hurt the business, rather take into consideration that if you're gonna do a discount, it must be for an annual subscription or for a long-term commitment.

(00:25:03) Editor Ninja's updates
This part covers a range of topics and discussions about getting on big themes with Ed Ninja like hiring, and the sales and services offered. Considering hiring somebody like a virtual assistant to do the work and buy back time where focus can be diverted more on the things he love like exploring new product stuff, new initiatives, sales calls and closing deals. Explore over content optimizations, couple updates and new strategies.

(00:37:03) Updates on Castaway
Focuses around the current updates in castaway and productize. Discussing how everybody wants to do YouTube shorts and be Alex Hormo. Basically, sharing how James is trying to explore opportunities with emerging countries and take advantage of geo arbitrage in outsourcing talents. Also, scoping out what an outbound campaign looks like for Castaway, instead of relying on referrals, word of mouth, and personal postings.

(00:43:52:) Productize Updates
Announces the comeback of productize podcast, scoping out a 12-episode season using Castaway to do the repurposing and promotions. James talks about how he's working on moving the productized course from WordPress and building out a directory for productize, monetizing through affiliate links or some referral relationships with brands. 

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Handling the "In-house" Objection
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