Setting Our Business Goals For 2023

In this episode, we discuss our respective business goals for the new year, which include plans to attend conferences and launch marketing initiatives. We also touch on current and emerging trends, like AI tools, and explore the potential impact it might have on our work. Finally, we reflect on the lessons we learned over the past year and which ones we'll be carrying forward with us in 2023.

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[00:02:26] Discussing the concept of "Memento Mori"

[00:07:04] Chatting about Generative AI as a technological step-change

[00:11:50] Weighing the pros and cons of the "gold rush" around AI content

[00:14:04] Predicting increased important for human-generate content in the future

[00:20:55] Talking about outsourcing and the time cost of onboarding versus the time saved later.

[00:26:58] Balancing freelance and full-time workers to meet demand.

Key Ideas:

1. AI and its Current Status in the Industry
- AI is a step change technology but won't replace jobs yet
- AI Wrangler is a new role
- AI output is dependent on the quality of input and is still bland and lacks personality, opinion, and point of view.

2. Making the Most of Life and the Hype on Chat GPT
- Remind yourself to make the most of life
- Discussing the hype on Chat GPT.

3. Outsourcing and its Time Cost
- Consider the time cost of onboarding when outsourcing
- Outsourcing can save time later.

4. Human-Made Content will be Valued More
- AI tools will be valued less than human-made content in the future.

5. Balancing Freelance and Full-Time Workers and Hiring Writers
- Balancing freelance and full-time workers to meet demand
- Hiring writers with a bigger budget
- Subcontracting work.

6. Effective Strategies for Selling and Generating Revenue
- Successfully offering and selling a course, coaching, website audit, and lifetime membership.
- Generating almost $11,000 in revenue.

7. Unplugging and Recharging in January
- Unplug, enjoy, and recharge for January.

8. Time Flies When Raising Children
- Time passes quickly when raising children.

9. Forecasting Future Business Revenue and Growth
- Forecasting $150K revenue, 30% margin, launching a new product/service line, updating flagship course, 25K revenue from product ties.
- Consistent publishing cadence and repurposing productized podcast episodes to create a physical book.

10. AI Generated Content: The Potential "Gold Rush"
- AI generated content is a potential "gold rush" with short term gains but possible long term risks.

Setting Our Business Goals For 2023
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