Should We Offer On-demand Services Or Monthly Subscriptions?

In this episode, we provide updates on our respective businesses and get into a philosophical discussion about the merits and flaws of different pricing models – namely a la carte pricing vs. monthly subscriptions.
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In this episode, we jump into some company updates, which include hiring contractors, managing team availability/workload, navigating the enterprise sales process, and how narrows to focus your professional positioning. Then, we have a friendly debate about the pros and cons of on-demand services versus a monthly subscription model.

If you're interested in learning about...
  • How to manage availability and capacity for your team
  • How selling to enterprise clients is different from SMB sales
  • How we're competing with "we do it all" firms
  • How James is using the "land and expand" positioning strategy
  • How to hire multi-disciplinary teams of contractors
  • The merits and flaws of a la carte pricing vs. subscription services
...then you should give it a listen. We think you'll really enjoy it.

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Should We Offer On-demand Services Or Monthly Subscriptions?
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