Sometimes, It Requires More Than You Think

In this episode, we provide updates on our respective businesses and share some insights about the idea of doing more in the aspects of business and work. This highlights the idea that in order to get uncommon results, live an uncommon life which is an essential reference for a business which is striving to do a lot better in the future, always aiming to surpass expectations while also putting emphasis on work and life balance. 

As always, we also provide updates on Castaway and EditorNinja, which include...
  • Updates on EditorNinja
  • Castaway updates 
  • Emphasizing work and life balance
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(00:00:31) The idea of doing more, sometimes it requires more than you think.
Discussions involve the idea that whatever you are doing or what your goal might be setting, one should multiply it by 10x because ultimately, you'll end up ahead, always striving to surpass expectations.

(00:01:07) Uncommon results : uncommon efforts
Sharing lessons from Hormo Z's book where he likes doing more volume to learn faster, work a lot faster which will eventually result to succeding a lot faster. Most of the time, people expect that they will get uncommon result even just doing the same normal things. However, it was emphasized that if anyone wants to get uncommon results, exert an uncommon level of effort and live an uncommon life. 

(00:02:50) Best practice is the baseline
Reviewed over the base line of the things that should be done and nothing more assuring than make the best practice a standard. Key to that is always striving to take action instead of just staying stagnant, doing more effort, practicing more to be able to the get work done even faster. Moreover, one must hold oneself to imposed standrads, and act accordingly as everyone are commiting and dedicating their entire life basically to the single pursuit of whatever they are trying to do.

(00:13:21) Allocate experience points like a game
Compared skills updates on games with how work should be done. Increasing attributes is like allocating more experience, more hours and more focus on things which are important in a business. This is where productize and scale comes in because this will help in the idea of how to put people and processes in place. With productize, things can be brought up and turn into process rather than just randomly doing things.

(00:28:06) Focus on what is important
Knowing what's the focus is an advantage and a strength as it would enable the business to pave a way for the things of great significance and make sure it is done and executed well. It is also what being productive is like, alloting much time to things which are in the higher heirarchy and allocating proportionate amount of time to each, for example, tasks giving it more time, based on importance.

Doing more with what you are doing is a good practice but upon working it is a must to consider a personal space as well. Strictly getting control and putting over boundaries between work and personal space is essential as to not exhaust the body and mental health. One must not bend ones life just so you can fit your employer's preferences, and remember to take into account a work and life balance. 

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Sometimes, It Requires More Than You Think
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