Why Leaders Should Treat Themselves Like Athletes

In this episode, we cover a broad range of topics, including: How to manage your health to avoid burnout, Why specialization is a good thing, When to hire your first team members, and When to say "no" to client requests
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In this episode, we start by talking about a recent tweet from Kevin Indig, which suggests that leaders and business owners should treat themselves like professional athletes. We then go into some company updates, which include a handful of important topics for business owners to think through.

If you're interested in learning about...
  • How to manage physical/mental health and avoid burnout
  • Why specialization/positioning is an important part of business
  • When you should hire your first team member (+ how fast to add more)
  • When you should start paying yourself (+ how much)
  • When to say no to client requests, and when to be flexible
...then you should give it a listen. We think you'll really enjoy it.

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Why Leaders Should Treat Themselves Like Athletes
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